Small WEEE Man made by student at Stamford College

We selected three schools in the area to participate in Clear Out Electricals Week: Harlaxton Primary Schools, Kesteven Grammar and Stamford College.  Activities they were involved with included:

Questionnaires:  We sent out questionnaires asking pupils about their e-waste – how much of it they produce and what they think happens to it.   We discovered 93% of 14 year olds have owned 3 or more mobile phones in their life-time, more than half had replaced their mobile phone in the last year and three quarters of the children owned a play station but only 10% of those used them regularly.   And, a significant majority of those who completed the questionnaire were surprised by the quantity of e-items in their home.

Talks & Workshops:  We gave presentations to all three schools and organised an Enterprise Day at Stamford

E-waste art: Stamford College got their students to create sculptures from e-waste – these included several WEEE men, a beautiful fish and a WEEE dog made from wires, cables and chip boards.

Collection:  Pupils, parents and teachers were encouraged to bring in their e-waste, for collection – and school e-waste was added to that.

Displays: Stamford College’s Green Week coincided with Clear Out Electricals Week. We set up a display, along with other green organisations for an evening event, which involved many of the great and the good from the area, including local councillors and business people.

Melinda giving presentation to students at Stamford College

Pupils at Harlaxton Primary School learning about e-waste

Julia and pupil from Harlaxton using the pink WEEE bin