Melinda and Corina - leaflet dropping for household collection in Grantham


One man was a bit threatening.  He said “Don’t you lay a finger on my e-waste’!  It turned out that he was a dealer.   But he was very much the exception.  We selected 550 households in Grantham and 350 in Stamford for a household collection of e-waste – and they were delighted. Even old ladies were pleased to dig out broken kettles, scales and hair dryers that had been lingering in their drawers or garages for years.  And there were larger e-waste items too, such as TVs, washing machines and fridges.

Our biggest worry was whether scrap metal dealers or rogue traders might scoop up what people had left out for us, before we managed to get there.   In the event we’re not sure whether this happened or not.   However, we concluded that the best way of getting e-waste from individual households is for it to be collected along with other domestic waste, by council collectors.