Melinda & Julia at NT's Belton House - arranging collection of e-waste

One of the biggest surprises of Clear Out Electricals Week was discovering that the hotels we stayed in had large quantities of e-waste that we were able to collect for recycling.   The Angel in Grantham and the Garden Hotel in Stamford have helped us in developing an e-waste service for the hotel industry.   And the Gregory in Harlaxton now have a pink recycling container, for e-waste, in their car park, alongside the textiles recycling bank, that’s been there for some time.

Not many people noticed our little brown bin at the George Shopping Centre in Grantham – we decided that we need something a bit more striking to catch people’s attention.  And, we need to have something in place for longer, before people start bringing their e-waste with them, when they shop!   More successful were the individual shops we worked with – taking back e-waste from the public and giving us some of what they already had too.   These included: Tailored Systems computer store and the Print Hub – a printer shop – as well the British Heart Foundation, which have just started taking back broken electrical items, as well as 2nd hand equipment that they can re-sell.

The Moy Park chicken farm didn’t feature on our target list, when we started planning Clear Out Electricals Week, but someone suggested that we get in touch.   We had to go through quite a lot of loops to make sure we complied with all the health and safety requirements, but once that was sorted Moy Park installed a pink collection container for employees to deposit their e-waste.  Early in the week, it didn’t look like there was going to be much take-up – but the idea caught on.  And by the end of the week, the container was nearly full.  We are planning to work with other businesses to set up collection schemes – and Moy park have helped us develop the idea.

There are a number of stately homes close to Grantham and Stamford.  We went to have lunch at Belton House, which belongs to the National Trust.  They’ve also given us their e-waste and we’re planning to work with them to see how we might collect from other properties they own too.