E For Good has been set up specifically to launch and manage a major nationwide campaign to

CLEAR OUT and CLEAN UP electrical and electronic waste (e-waste). 


EFG has a campaigning mission and will be contributing a percentage of profits made from collection of e-waste to environmental and community organisations or charities.


Our Aims

E for Good is the first consumer-facing organisation targeting e-waste from an environmental, cradle to cradle, life-cycle perspective and our environmental objectives are at the heart of the business.

We aim to:

  • Reduce the amount of e-waste.
  • Promote Repair and Reuse.
  • Recycle the rest, as efficiently as possible.


How we plan to do this

We are planning to:

  • Raise awareness of all the issues to do with e-waste.
  • Increase collection of e-waste by setting up many more facilities in public places, including schools and shopping centres.
  • Improve recycling systems of materials to maximise the environmental benefits.
  • Provide education materials and training for schools, colleges and universities.
  • Work with charity shops and retailers to facilitate collection and resale of used products.
  • Encourage business to commit to a charter for responsible procurement and disposal.
  • Set up an award scheme to promote innovation and eco-design for durability.
  • Work with local authorities to minimise the amount of e-waste sent to landfill or exported.


For Good

There are four primary ways that E for Good will be ‘For Good’ by:

  1. Promoting repair, reuse and ‘for hire’ in preference to brand new and ownership.
  2. Cleaning up e-waste industries by championing ‘good practice’.
  3. Changing thinking about our throwaway culture and design for disposability.
  4. Giving money to charities and local communities.