Sean Feeney


Sean is a non-executive director of E for Good.   His support and enthusiasm have been pivotal to setting up our organisation.  He has helped us develop our ideas, provided us with some seed funding and will be working with us to set up an exemplar on how e-waste should be collected, reused and recycled.


Sean is an entrepreneur, a business man, a strategist and a logistics expert.  He says:


“I want to be part of the solution, not just part of the problem. The experience of working in Norway, with Dixons helped shape my thinking about e-waste – actually, it made me ashamed to be British. Over there, e-waste is banned from landfill sites and they have really good systems for recycling.  


We have set ourselves high targets for re-use, which go far beyond what the government aspires to. We’re already refurbishing more than 15% of the e-waste we receive and we’re aiming to more than double that. Our London site, set up in 2011, will help us with these targets as it focuses almost exclusively on reuse. 


Our reuse model benefits both the environment and the community. It takes twenty times more energy to mine aluminium than to recycle it and it takes twenty times more energy to turn a scrap machine into a new machine than it does to repair and reuse it.


We’ve also adopted high standards in other areas of our business. In October 2011 we stopped exporting e-waste to Africa and we won’t sell the old style TVs, with cathode ray tubes, because of their toxicity. Even if they are reused, they’ll then be discarded without proper systems in place. So any of these, we receive, will be efficient recycled. 


We think that what’s good for the environment is also good for business. I’m delighted to support E for Good and look forward to working together to lead the way in changing the e-waste industry.”