Raw Foundation


Raw Foundation is committed to ‘Realising another World’ by educating, engaging and empowering young people to catalyse and accelerate a shift towards sustainable consumption and production.


As the root cause of climate change and environmental degradation, they focus on over-consumption and the hidden consequences of our everyday stuff.


It is shocking that despite ‘sustainability’ efforts and initiatives in schools, most young people remain completely unaware of the devastating hidden consequences of their everyday purchases. The foundation believe that as fully informed citizens young people can play a vital role in creating a more sustainable life, and that reducing overall impacts will require fundamental changes to our behaviour, principles and values.


They provide a range of learning programmes, campaign and collaborate on priority waste streams and behaviour change. Everything they do is systems-focused, solutions-oriented and change-driven. Without this education and learning, future generations will have little hope of learning to live in harmony within the ecosystems that we have previously taken for granted.


Their Raw-e Campaign is specifically working to reduce the amount of e-waste in the environment by raising awareness about e-waste and its impacts.