Melinda Watson


Melinda is a founder Director of E for Good and is in charge of web design, branding, research, legislation and education.  In the educational world she’s taken a lead by including sustainable design and eco-system thinking into the curriculum and applying this in a business context.


She’s a designer, a teacher, an educationalist, a communicator and a consultant.  She says:


“I’m concerned about excessive consumption and the impacts of our materialistic and disposable culture. Most people are completely unaware of the hidden consequences of our everyday stuff and don’t even know what e-waste is!


What particular worries me is the sophistication of advertising and marketing aimed at young people, encouraging them towards excessive consumption from the moment they’re born.  Fame, brands, money and possessions have become the centre of their existence, with little understanding of the consequences and what impact this might have on the environment and the world around them. 


In 2009 I set up Raw Foundation, to educate, engage and empower young people, helping to promote behaviour change. We are tackling priority waste streams such as e-waste and oil-based plastics.


Over the past 25 years, I have gained wide experience of visual communication, packaging, social marketing and sustainability. Since 1998, I’ve been writing and delivering educational programmes and training in colleges, universities and professional environments.  This includes writing a chapter on ‘Materials Awareness’ in ‘The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy’ (Green Books 2009).


In 2006, I developed a BSc (Hons) in Sustainable Graphics & Packaging Design and worked closely with the Institute of Packaging, as a judge their Starpack awards and promoting

sustainable packaging.


My MSc in Sustainable Development was at Exeter University and whilst I was there I worked closely with Greenpeace on e-waste issues – in particular on their ‘Green My Apple’ campaign.


I’m passionate about E For Good and the idea of changing the people think about e-waste.  I’ve developed education packs for schools that will help students understand the issues and offer some solutions on how we should be changing things.