The UK’s largest independent electrical reuse and recycling specialist. Environcom is committed to reusing as much e-waste as possible. It recognises that reuse has a huge impact on the recycling industry and can decrease pollution. They have thorough processes to ensure that all e-waste that could be reused pass numerous tests before they are moved into their Reuse department.


Their state of the art 10 acre site on the outskirts of Grantham, in Lincolnshire has involved an investment of around £10 million in the best available processing equipment. This facility is one of the largest and most advanced in Europe, comprising of the latest state of the art technology aimed at achieving high levels of recovery, repair and reuse.


It is by far, the largest of its kind in the UK with installed capacity to receive, treat and process a vast range of e-waste. The site has the capacity to process 100,000 tonnes of

e-waste per annum. Environcom now reuses 15.2% of all the e-waste it receives at its Grantham site in Lincolnshire – more than three times the Government’s own aspirational reuse target of 5%.


Environcom’s new site in Edmonton, North London has set an ambitious target to reuse 30% of e-waste, putting shame to the Government’s own targets of just 5%. Perhaps even more impressive is that they’ve done this by almost doubling their employees and turning a £2.4m loss into a profit.


As the largest e-waste reuse facility in London, the site will handle all e-waste streams, including flat screen TVs, iPads, washing machines and fridges. Once given the all clear for reuse, the company will be giving a second life to many hundreds of products a week and up to 75,000 items a year. The best of the re-use products will go to charitable organisations throughout London and the south including British Heart Foundation and Sense.